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foobar2000 scripts#

These scripts are meant for foobar2000 and Spider Monkey Panel.

Script Version SMP Release Date Description
Playlist Manager Playlist Manager 1.6.1+ Playlist Manager Manage playlists, AutoPlaylists and Kodi playlists
Playlist Tools Playlist Tools 1.6.1+ Playlist Tools Spotify-like playlist creation, harmonic mixing, ...
Device Priority Device Priority 1.6.1+ Device Priority Auto-switch output devices by order of priority
ListenBrainz ListenBrainz 1.6.1+ ListenBrainz ListenBrainz integration and top tracks retrieval
World Map World Map 1.6.1+ World Map Show artist's country on map. Biography integration
Search by Distance Search by Distance 1.6.1+ Search by Distance Find similar tracks by genre/style similarity
Not a Waveform Seekbar Not a Waveform Seekbar 1.6.1+ Not a Waveform Seekbar Seekbar with multiple visualization presets lastfm 1.6.1+ playlists and top tracks integration
Timeline timeline 1.6.1+ Timeline Highly configurable library timeline
Wrapped Wrapped 1.6.1+ Wrapped User listening statistics and recommendations
Fingerprint Tools Fingerprint 1.6.1+ Fingerprint-Tools ChromaPrint and FooId fingerprinting tools and search
AutoBackup AutoBackup 1.6.1+ AutoBackup Automatic backups of configuration files

Unless otherwise stated, they should work on any foobar2000 version equal or greater than 1.4.

Other foobar2000 addons#

Addon Version Related to Release Date Description
ajquery-xxx ajquery-xxx foo_httpcontrol ajquery-xxx Responsive design template compatible with SMP scripts