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World Map#



A foobar2000 UI Spider Monkey Panel which displays current artist's country on the world map and lets you generate autoplaylists based on selection and locale tag saving when integrated along WilB's Biography Script.

World Map UI


  • Map image configurable:
    • Full.
    • No Antarctica.
    • Custom. (coordinates may need a transformation to work)
  • Configurable X and Y factors for transformation (along custom image maps).
  • 2 modes:
    • Standard: Follow now playing track or selection.
    • Library: display statistics of entire library (independtly of the selection/playback).
  • Works with multiple selected tracks (draws all points on the map), allowing to show statistics of an entire playlist or library.
  • Fully configurable UI.
  • On playback the panel fetches tags from (by order of preference):
    • Track's tags.
    • JSON database.
    • WilB's Biography panel.
  • WilB's Biography integration
  • Tool-tip shows multiple info about the points and tracks selected.
  • AutoPlaylist creation on click over a point with any artist on your library from the selected country.
  • Fully Wine - Unix - non IE SOs compatible.

World Map usage


Country tags must be previously present on the files, provided by a third party script or on a JSON database.

In case the script will be used in an offline foobar2000 installation, with no Biography script provider, it's recommended to tag previously your files and/or use a pre-filled JSON database.
One is provided as example at: 'presets\World Map\worldMap.json'