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Not a Waveform Seekbar#



A foobar2000 UI Spider Monkey Panel seekbar, using audiowaveform or ffprobe. It's based on RMS, peak levels, the actual waveform or visualization presets.

Seekbar with visualizer


  • Uses audiowaveform by default (included).
  • ffprobe can be used if desired. Download it and copy ffprobe.exe into 'helpers-external\ffprobe\'.
  • Visualizer mode to simply show an animation which changes according to BPM (if tag exists).
  • Fully configurable using the R. Click menu:
    • Colors
    • Waveform modes
    • Analysis modes
    • Animations
    • Refresh rate (not recommended anything below 100 ms except on really modern CPUs)

Seekbar with audiowaveform

Seekbar with ffprobe


Integrated in:
- Georgia ReBORN: a Clean, Full Dynamic Color Reborn foobar2000 Theme.