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Search by Distance#



An implementation of Music-Graph for foobar2000 using Spider Monkey Panel, which creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist using high-level data from tracks and computing their similarity using genres/styles.

Search by Distance example


Creates playlists using high-level data from tracks similar to the currently selected one according to genre, style, key, etc. You can choose whether this final selection is done according to score, randomly, using Harmonic mixing rules, etc. All settings are configurable via button's menus (on customizable button) or the properties panel (static buttons).

Some usage examples: - Explore similar music from the same era - Follow the evolution of a genre during some period - Create a playlist transitioning from one genre to another seamleslly - Create an harmonic mix which sounds great no matter the genres mixed - Just a random playlist with some coherence in its order and tracks


To use this plugin at its best and to benefit the most from your library, you will want to make sure that your songs have the most possible information on genre, style, key, moods, etc.

Similarity methods#

Search by Distance Methods

There are 3 methods to calculate similarity between tracks: WEIGHT, GRAPH (see above) and DYNGENRE.

-WEIGHT: -> Score
Calculates similarity by scoring according to the tags. Similarity is calculated by simple string
matching ('Rock' != 'Soul') and ranges for numeric tags. This means some coherence in tags is needed
to make it work, and the script only works with high level data (tags) which should havebeen added 
to files previously using manual or automatic methods (like MusicBrainz Picard, see note at bottom).

-GRAPH: -> Score + Distance
Apart from scoring, it compares the genre/styles tags set to the ones of the reference track using a
graph and calculating their minimum mean distance. Imagine Google maps for genre/styles, and looking
for the distance from Rock to Jazz for ex. Note this is totally different to simple string matching,
so 'Acid Rock' may be similar to 'Psychedelic Rock' even if they are totally different tag values 
(or strings). This method is pretty computational intensive.

-DYNGENRE: -> Score + Simplifed Distance Uses a simplification of the GRAPH method. Let's say we assign
a number to every "big" cluster of points on the music graph, then we can simply put any genre/style
point into any of those clusters and give them a value.

Search by Distance Graph

Buttons bar#

The buttons can be loaded within a toolbar or as an independent button. It's fully compatible with my other scripts which also use a toolbar (see at bottom), so the button can be simply merged with your already existing toolbar panel easily.


Compatible with (toolbar):
- Device Priority: Automates foobar2000's output devices.
- Playlist Tools: Offers different pre-defefined examples for intelligent playlist creation.
- ListenBrainz: Integrates Listenbrainz's feedback and recommendations.
- Integrates playlists, recommendations, ...
- AutoBackup: Automatic backups of configuration files.
- Wrapped: User listening statistics and recommendations.
- Fingerprint Tools: ChromaPrint and FooId fingerprinting tools and search.