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Playlist Tools#



A collection of Spider Monkey Panel Scripts for foobar2000, built within a menu, which serves as a hub for 'usage examples' and shortcuts to the most requested foobar missing functionalities : remove duplicates by tags, revive dead items, check errors on tags, spotify-like playlist creation, advanced queries, etc.

The collection of scripts provided here are not only a direct replacement of Random Pools or MusicIp but an improvement and generalization in many aspects of those tools.

Playlist Tools example 1


To use this plugin at its best and to benefit the most from your library, you will want to make sure that your songs have the most possible information on genre, style, key, moods, etc.


  • Macros: allows to record and save the menus entries used, as a macro, to be called later.
  • Dynamic Queries: queries which adapt to the currently selected track. i.e. placeholders tags are substituted with the actual values of the currently selected track. Expands foo_quicksearch contextual menus functionality, and works with multiple selection too.
  • Pools: playlist creation similar to Random Pools component. playlists \ library sources (pools) can be set.
  • Harmonic mixing: Dj-like selection ordering by key or with special patterns. Compatible with Camelot, Open and Standard keys.
  • Fully configurable submenu entries: shift + left click on menu button allows to switch tools functionality.
  • User configurable presets: many tools allow you to add your own presets (for ex. Standard Queries) as menu entries.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts may be assigned to most of the tools (without requiring panel to be in focus).
  • Reduce components loaded with better replacements: Random Pools, Playlist Revive, Best version picker, Database Search, ...
  • Online controller integration (ajquery-xxx): online controller fully compatible with most of the offered tools.
  • Fully Wine - Unix - non IE SOs compatible.
  • Configurable UI and accessibility design: most of the UI is configurable (size, colors, position, draggable buttons). All the UI is managed within menus, so it may be used with a narrator (for blindness).

Playlist Tools example 2

Buttons bar#

The script features a collection of buttons and a main one named 'Playlist Tools'. All of them can be loaded within a toolbar or as independent buttons per panel. It's fully compatible with my other scripts which also use a toolbar (see at bottom), so the buttons can be simply merged with your already existing toolbar panel easily.


Compatible with (toolbar):
- Device Priority: Automates foobar2000's output devices.
- Search by Distance: Creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist. Built-in here.
- ListenBrainz: Integrates Listenbrainz's feedback and recommendations.
- Integrates playlists, recommendations, ...
- AutoBackup: Automatic backups of configuration files.
- Wrapped: User listening statistics and recommendations.
- Fingerprint Tools: ChromaPrint and FooId fingerprinting tools and search.