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An implementation of for foobar2000 using Spider Monkey Panel, which allows to find matches on library or YouTube from artist's pages, playlists, recommendations, stations...



  • Integrates original L3v3L's script into Playlist Tools's toolbar (design and features may differ).
  • Gets top tracks by: Artist, Artist's radio, Similar Artist, Genre, Style, Folksonomy tags, Date, Moods, ...
  • Supports multi-values (i.e. if a track has 4 moods, allows to search for each individual value).
  • Covers most standard tags: GENRE, STYLE, MOOD, Picard tags,...
  • Integrates tags from WilB's Biography (all) and World-Map-SMP (locale).
  • Creates playlist from User's library, loved tracks or custom URLs.
  • Matches are retrieved from library and, optionally, from YouTube if plugin is installed.
  • Does not require an user token or API.

Buttons bar#

The button can be loaded within a toolbar or as an independent button. It's fully compatible with my other scripts which also use a toolbar (see at bottom), so the button can be simply merged with your already existing toolbar panel easily.


Compatible with (toolbar):
- Device Priority: Automates foobar2000's output devices.
- Search by Distance: Creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist using high-level data from tracks and computing their similarity using genres/styles.
- Playlist Tools: Offers different pre-defefined examples for intelligent playlist creation.
- ListenBrainz: Integrates Listenbrainz's feedback and recommendations.
- AutoBackup: Automatic backups of configuration files.