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A foobar2000 interactive Timeline Spider Monkey Panel of your library. Configurable by Title Format, lets you generate playlists clicking on it. Based on Statistics-Framework-SMP

Timeline UI


  • Statistics fully configurable:
    • Set data per axis with Title Format.
    • 3 Axis available.
    • Allows to aggregate data in groups, calculate proportional values per group (for ex. average rating/album), ...
    • Configurable sources: library, active/now playing playist, selectable playlists (by name).
    • Filtering with queries.
    • Highly configurable chart and data manipulation.
  • Asynchronous data calculations (UI is not blocked).
  • Point statistics.
  • Scroll with buttons and mouse dragging.
  • Zoom with mouse wheel and button.
  • Configurable background (cover, colors, gradient, ...).
    • Color palettes and schemes from colorbrewer.
    • Colorblind friendly.
  • Tool-tip shows multiple info about the point selected.
  • AutoPlaylist and Playlist creation on click over a point.
  • Fully Wine - Unix - non IE SOs compatible.

Timeline usage