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A Spider Monkey Panel Script, for foobar2000, which allows periodic automatic saving of configuration and other data in foobar2000 and keeping backup copies of such data. Replacement of foo_jesus.

AutoBackup UI


  • Saves configuration ("File\Save Configuration"):
    • Whole configuration subfolder.
    • Media library database (database.-).
    • Playlists.
    • Additional data managed by other components (for example current theme or playback statistics).
  • After saving, a backup of the changed files is created, as a ZIP archive (using 7zip).
  • Rules to periodically save and backup can be set:
    • While playing (every X min, 0 = off).
    • When playback stops (every X min, 0 = off).
    • Always, since last autosave (every X min, 0 = off).
    • On startup, after X minutes (backup only, 0 = off).
    • Every X tracks (0 = off).
    • On foobar2000 exit (script unload), after X seconds (0 = off).
  • Files and folders to backup can be set by name and mask (for example 'js_data\playlistManager_-').
  • Output Zip archive path and name is configurable.
  • Backups to keep can be set by number and/or total file size.
  • Headless mode: tool button may be invisible but working on background.

AutoBackup usage

Buttons bar#

The button can be loaded within a toolbar or as an independent button. It's fully compatible with my other scripts which also use a toolbar (see at bottom), so the button can be simply merged with your already existing toolbar panel easily.


Compatible with (toolbar):
- Device Priority: Automates foobar2000's output devices.
- Search by Distance: Creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist using high-level data from tracks and computing their similarity using genres/styles.
- Playlist Tools: Offers different pre-defefined examples for intelligent playlist creation.
- ListenBrainz: Integrates Listenbrainz's feedback and recommendations.
- Integrates playlists, recommendations, ...